Saturday, October 5, 2013

Phnom Penh SenSok Area

This is one of the hardest areas in Cambodia where most of the poverty is and many die from disease and starvation.   This is right in the Capital City of Phom Penh where the government took over their land and sold the land to the foreigner for lot of $$$$.   People are everywhere with no place to live, children have no food even today the government doesn’t care.  Many American missionaries who serve in this area often try to feed the members there without letting the mission President know.   Few even brought back with them sweet beautiful brides to seal for time and eternity in the US.

Sister Chhon Ny has 6 children, she has no job get food from collecting from the dump station.  Her children are everywhere at this point some out looking for job, One of her son is in jail by robbing people to feed his kids, now he left 2 kids with her to feed.


Sister Maun Vannak has 5 kids husband left her.  She has no food no job try to survive by begging food and donation from people.  She is very grateful for the food donation today. She lives by the dump station looking for food to survive from day to day. 

Mrs. Rin has 10 people in her family including her parents. She sells food at the market to support her family. At this time she would like to thank those who helped her.   Her children wants to go to school but are unable to do so with no money to pay the teacher.


Mrs. Jin Sarin has 7 kids with her parents living with her all 9 people. Her husband works as a construction worker for only $60 a month barely enough to feed the family, the children try to go to school but sometime it is impossible to go with no money and not enough food.  She would like to thank God for sending her family food at this time of need.


Mrs. Hem Sok Than work as a tailor making $50 a month, she lives on someone property now the landlord wants her to move out.  She doesn’t know where to go next.  She would like to thank those who help her at this time with food donation.


Mrs. Touch has 2 kids no husband, work for odd and end job someday no money and no food, today she is very happy with the food donation that will help her for one month.  She would like to thank those who help her at this time.


Mr. Sophat has 6 kids no job at this time, his wife work clean house for people and sometime no job.  She cleans houses for $40 a month, not enough to feed her family.  At this time she would like to thank all members in the US.


Mr and Mrs. Krisna  have 2 kids selling snail, water lily, and flower from the pond they collect making $1 or so a day to survive.  They are very happy at this time for the food donation that will last them for a month.  May God bless the people in America.


Mrs. Jab Ry has 1 kid left after the war (the older kids died in the war) She lives and work as a maid taking care of people kid for $30 a month.  At this time she would like to thank those who help with the food donation.

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