Saturday, October 5, 2013

Last Christmas, the Eastmont Ward raised $3100.00 for help feed our brothers and sisters in Cambodia.  This money was donated by many different members of our ward, from small amounts to very large.  Once the funds were collected, we deposited it in a local account, so that 3 trusted members there could take portions out to help members in 4 different areas. A total of 120 families were helped with this project.  Each family got 50 pounds of rice, a box of noodles, Sugar, case of Soy Sauce, case of Fish Sauce, and Salt.  These are the main staples of a family diet, and would feed a family for about a month.
Tevy and I have donated money before, but this was a much larger amount, and keeping the funds safe, and the logistics of distributing 6000 pounds of rice was huge!  We had 3 people help us.

Sieha Kong
Sieha is a 2nd Counselor in the Elders Quorum in his branch.  He is a returned missionary, serving in Cambodia. For employment, he does many things.  He will travel to other countries and bring back goods for business to sell.  He helps film crews on location making ads.  He also works as a tour guide, and knows the area very well.  We hired him to oversee the entire project, and he worked for us for a month.

Sithet Kay
Sithet lives in Battambang.  She is a primary president there.  She works at a Korean Charity NGO, and has just finished school.  She is currently getting ready to go on a mission.

Sokunthear Chheoun
Sokuntear lives in Takhmou suburb of Phnom Penh.  He is a counselor in the branch presidency there.  He works as a security guard for the Mission Home.  He is also still going to school.  He is a returned missionary, and served in Cambodia.

We distributed food to 4 areas in Cambodia.
They are:

Each of these areas has a page with stories and some of the pictures from the people we were able to help.  The pictures are scattered randomly through the page, because we were not able to get the names and pictures attached to each other.  Many people were blessed by your efforts, and it was truly a pleasure to be part of such a wonderful outpouring of Christ-like love.


These are some of the ways we were able to get the rice to the people.  All of the food was bought in bulk directly from distributors, for about half the cost of buying in the store.   In each area the food was procured and staged at a central place, and then divided and distributed to the families in that area.

A Little Help from the Elders

2 bags at a time!

At the distribution center

Seiha Buying the Noodles and Soy Sauce

This is Sokunthear's Mom.
She has 9 kids, one of her daughters served in the Everett WA Mission

Sokunthear buying more food

Looks like fun!

We stored the food in Sokunthear's house until it was all distributed to the Takmau Branch.

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